FPSF Preview Breakfast Is Almost Too Hot to Handle

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Photos by Kaitlin Steinberg
The first course was a play on eggs and bacon.
If you want to see a bunch of food writers turn into divas, make them stand outside in the heat and mud and don't feed them.

The first day of Free Press Summer Fest saw some ticketing hiccups early in the morning before the annual preview breakfast featuring the musical stylings of Bun B paired with food from Uchi. The fact that we weren't able to get into the lovely air conditioned tent for about an hour after we arrived just made us more happy to see the food, though, and Bun B was just about as gracious a host as you can imagine.

Master of ceremonies, the trill OG Bun B.
Cocktails were created by Justin Burrow of Captain Foxheart's Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge, and the lemon and vodka one with a greenish hue prompted Bun B to start chanting for "more green drink" as the breakfast service was beginning. The breakfast was a collaboration between Philip Speer and Kaz Edwards of Uchi and Ja'Nel Witt, winner of Hell's Kitchen. If the event itself was a bit unorganized, the food service was exactly the opposite. The runners from Uchi were just about the fastest and most competent I've ever seen.

As we were running a bit behind schedule, the courses were served in quick succession. First, a play on bacon and eggs: A pickled quail egg atop a chicharron with bacon powder and a semi-dehydrated blueberry. The single bite didn't quite evoke bacon and eggs for me, but I'd go to town on a plate of those pickled quail eggs in a different context.

The pancake created by Ja'Nel Witt.
The next course was a Thai coconut pancake created by Witt. It was topped with curry, ginger butter and kaffir syrup for a sweet but exotic twist on a classic breakfast dish. During these courses, Bun B took the mike and rapped about the experience while Dan the Automator provided tunes. "It's not just music, and it's not just food," he spoke, "it's the combination that will put you in the right mood."

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Thanks for reminding me of coconut pancakes...Ive got to get back to Hobbit Cafe this weekend. Looks more comfortable than this kerfluffle.

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