First Look at Regal Seafood: Watch This Chef Carve a Duck

Photo by Mai Pham
Regal Seafood is a new Cantonese restaurant in Stafford, owned by the people who opened E-Tao in the Galleria.

If you're looking for a new place to sample Cantonese cuisine, venture out of the loop to Stafford and visit the new Regal Seafood (12350 Southwest Fwy, Stafford, TX) restaurant. Owned by the same people who opened up E-Tao in the Galleria, Regal quietly opened a few months ago on the southbound Southwest Freeway feeder, just past the West Airport exit.

The interior of the restaurant is attractively appointed, with a swanky modern feel. To the left of the entrance, a square shaped bar beckons, with yellowish-gold chairs and a television playing the latest sport match. As you are guided to your table, you're greeted by crystal chandeliers and rows of booths separated by flat, curved gold partitions that extend to the ceiling. The main dining room is large and open, with plenty of large round tables to accommodate larger groups and families, while off to the side, there are private dining rooms to host large parties.

I visited for lunch one afternoon to sample their dim sum menu, which includes items like their xiao long bao soup dumplings and har gow shrimp dumplings. My lunch was somewhat lackluster--the dumplings lacked flavor and the skins were somewhat overcooked--so I'd say they still have some work to do before the dim sum reaches the quality or consistency of E-Tao, but that's forgivable since they're so new.

Dinner was another matter. Under the guidance of general manager Edmund Mo, we ordered several of the restaurant's signature items, and they were indeed impressive. The peking duck -- one of my favorite Chinese dishes --was a wow. To my knowledge, Regal is one of the only places in Houston that will carve the duck table side, and they do it with all the theatrics: The duck is wheeled to the table on the cart, hanging at a slight angle from a long metal pole. A server then slices the crispy skin off piece by piece, laying them on a rectangular white plate until it the whole plate is covered in duck skin. This is served with house-made pancakes, with plum sauce and chives on the side. We also had the option of creating a second dish with the remaining duck meat, so for $10 extra, we got a whole serving of duck lettuce wraps to enjoy later.

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