The Big Kahuna Cheesesteak at Jersey Mike's Subs

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Big Kahuna Cheesesteak

When I read Kaitlin Steinberg's recent experience trying a philly cheesesteak for the first time, my first thought was, "Hot damn! It's been years since I've had a good cheesesteak."

Well, in all honesty, my first admittedly snarky thought actually related to her dining companion's ridiculous proscription, 'you can't get a Philly with white cheese' (um, have you been to Philadelphia and observed the many accepted renditions of its namesake meat sandwich?). But commenters have lambasted this poor fellow enough already.

Readers of this blog are probably aware that I grew up in Pennsylvania, hence why its foodstuffs and culinary traditions are so often the subjects of my posts. As a child, I had cheesesteaks of various types during my family's regular weekend "educational" trips to Philly, which were ostensibly designed to make me and my siblings more learned about the American Revolution but in fact ended up being more about eating junk food and binge-shopping at gift shops.

Although the general consensus among Houston foodies seems to be that Papa Geno's serves up the best cheesesteaks in town, for the sake of variety, I decided to try the version on offer at Jersey Mike's Subs because some had given it good reviews. (And, yes, I aware of the irony of seeking out a Pennsylvania sub from a New Jersey establishment.)

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For a first timer, judging cheesesteaks in Houston is like judging Tex-Mex or Barbecue in Philly.

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

When Eatsie Boys made cheese steaks in their food truck they were made on typical hoagie-style buns.

Bruce_Are topcommenter

There were at least two ridiculous assertions in the KS cheesesteak article. The one you mention about white cheese, and the one where she said she never had a cheesesteak and never planned on trying one.  I found her self-righteous ignorance to be inconsistent with her job description. 

KaitlinS topcommenter

@Bruce_Are I'm sorry you took it as self-righteousness. Everyone has some food he or she doesn't particularly care for. Cheesesteak is one of mine. I wasn't aware until I wrote the article that eating cheesesteak is a prerequisite for writing about food. My bad.

Bruce_Are topcommenter


Now you sound like a child. You've never had a cheesesteak but you don't care them.  But now you like them, because you tried them. And what about a cheesesteak do you not care for?  You eat hamburgers, right?


@Bruce_Are @KaitlinS I think she means that heretofore they didn't engage her interest. That is perfectly defensible. I don't much care about trying mung bean tea, but I will if it is on offer. I just don't actually seek it.

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