Beyond Brunch: Canopy Shines After 5 p.m.

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Canopy Deviled Eggs
While many restaurants are particularly pleasant during certain times of the day, Canopy has, I think, been unnecessarily designated as "best for brunch" by many Houstonians, including, at one point, myself. I am definitely a fan of their sweet and savory morning fare, especially the challah french toast, but a less-than-stellar experience there for a private department party did not have me jonesin' to make a second evening visit. Looking back, this disinclination stemmed more from the fact that I associated the restaurant with awkward encounters with other graduate students rather than the dinner fare.

My schedule has been erratic lately, and thus I find myself eating at odd times of the day. In between running errands late one afternoon this past week I realized had nothing in my fridge save a vat of over-fermented kimchi, so I best pick up some supper before returning to work.

Multiple restaurants were in the vicinity of my chores, but I chose Canopy because its menu offered some cold dishes that seemed extremely appealing despite the oppressive, nauseous 98 degrees, which, in my experience is the temperature at which even the most extreme hunger disappears.

I was specifically drawn to the deviled eggs and fried chicken salad, the former because making good deviled eggs at home is a b*tch and the latter because I knew even if I wasn't in the mood for something hearty now, in the depths of my highly air-conditioned apartment fried food would be very palatable.

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3939 Montrose, Houston, TX

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LucyLou Robertson
LucyLou Robertson

Love this place - walking distance from my home and I always have a great meal here - always!

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