5 Best Food Moments With Miley Cyrus

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Sometimes "being Miley" means dressing like a fancy picnic table.

So, it's not like I regularly listen to Miley Cyrus or anything, but I happened to stumble upon a few of her videos on the interwebs. Turns out her weirdness artistic quirkiness manifests itself in food as well as fashion and choreography. Here are my five favorite food moments with Miley.

5. Cake Fingers With No Cake In Sight ("Fall Down"). At roughly 1:08 seconds, Miley is doing her thang on the dance floor and her fingers are completely covered in what appears to be icing (i mean, i really hope it's icing). I guess clubs in Miley's world all serve layer cakes.

4. "Twerk" Spaghetti-O's ("We Can't Stop"). Perhaps not what Campbell's intended, but I swear to god, if they find it in their heart to issue a limited edition can of spaghetti-O's with the letters "T," "W," "E," "R," and "K," I'm buying 50 cans.

3. Money Sandwich ("We Can't Stop"). Less than 30 seconds into Cyrus's phantasmagoric video we served a dead-eyed albeit apparently very hungry young lad chowin' down on a money sandwich (served appropriately on white bread). Daisy Buchanan's laugh sounds like money, Miley Cyrus's sandwiches taste like it.

2. Flying Hot Dog (Bangerz Tour). In one of many, many strange parts of M. Cyrus's "Bangerz" tour concerts, the singer mounts giant wieners and proceeds to fly around the stage and stadium. Sometimes, she is joined by a giant bottle of yellow mustard. I mean, why not?

1. French Fry Skull ("We Can't Stop"). Although I do feel sorry for the hapless intern who probably had to spend eight-plus hours building this thing, I must admit the effect is pretty cool. I don't know about the larger symbolism of a human skull made out of potato sticks...I do know it makes me crave ketchup.

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