100 Favorite Dishes 2014-15: No. 86, S'mores at 13 Celsius

Photos by Kaitlin Steinberg
Just like camping, only much classier. Glamping.
Once again, Kaitlin Steinberg is eating her way through Houston and counting down her 100 favorite dishes as we work our way toward our annual Menu of Menus® issue and culinary extravaganza. She'll compile a collection of the dishes she thinks are the most delicious, most creative and, of course, most indicative of our ever-changing food scene. It's a list of personal favorites, things she thinks any visitor or Houstonian ought to try at least once and dishes that are uniquely Houstonian.

Nothing like camping to make you long for a marshmallow roasting over an open flame and a few graham crackers and pieces of chocolate to go along with it.

Strangely, I also get that craving while downing a glass of bubbly rosé at 13 Celsius. The wine bar is one of a handful of places in town (along with Brooklyn Athletic Club, Amazon Grill and the Four Seasons) that offers roast-your-own-s'mores right at the bar. While BAC and the Four Seasons only bust out the marshmallows during the winter, Amazon Grill and 13 Celsius offer the dish all year round.

But what sets 13 Celsius's s'mores apart isn't the great wine that goes with it (though that certainly helps). It's the array of ingredients included on the festive tray.

Let there be light!
On any given evening, you can glance around the bar at 13 Celsius and see the alluring blue flame giving off a cool light as playful drinkers hold marshmallows on wooden skewers over the heat. Once the marshmallow has reached the desired degree of toastiness, the question arises of how to compose the ideal s'more.

The tray here includes the requisite graham crackers and chocolate squares--in this case, fine quality Lindt dark chocolate--as well as less obvious fixin's like dried cranberries, green apple slices, peanut butter and Nutella.

Now, I've been making s'mores as long as I can remember, and I tend to be a purist. Give me a giant marshmallow, burned on the outside (yes, I'm one of those people) and melty on the inside, a fresh graham cracker and some Hershey's milk chocolate, and I can go to town. But since I've been downing the s'mores at 13 Celsius, I've arrived at a new recipe.

The fruit included on the tray is all well and good, but for the ultimate in wine bar s'mores, coat one graham cracker in peanut butter and one in Nutella. Place the chocolate square on either cracker, then build your s'more with your toasted marshmallow. Perfection!

I'm never going camping again without peanut butter and Nutella. And a nice brut rosé.

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13 Celsius Wine Bar

3000 Caroline, Houston, TX

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