Messy Magnificence at Flip 'n Patties

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
The Flip 'n Patties Burger
As if I needed further enticement to frequent Marquis II, home of the all-powerful "Texas Tea," Filipino street food purveyors Flip 'n Patties food truck now parks outside Tuesday and Friday nights.

I do wonder whether these regularly scheduled visits are yet another effort on the part of the Marquis II"s management to curb the potential out-of-control inebriation that can result from imbibing their very strong Texas-style Long Island Iced Teas. Long-time patrons of Marquis II have noted that the appearance of the relatively new "three Tea limit" policy and now the availability of heavy, fried food just outside the bar's doors will also help steady BAC levels.

Regardless, the combination of Marquis II's cheap drinks and Flip 'n Patties ridiculously good-tasting fare has made me set a Google alarm to remind me to make a semiweekly trip.

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Flip 'n Patties

, Houston, TX

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That trainwreck of a sandwich looks more interesting than craveworthy, or edible even. Looks like the bun is undercooked ala an english muffin


@jenson  it's called a sipao...though i'm sure all the Filipinos in the house won't take any offense if you refer to it as undercooked english muffin

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