How to Screw Up Your Order at The Waffle Bus

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
Be sure to read the menu...or just don't be an idiot.
It's totally my own fault. I was so excited by my first visit to The Waffle Bus that I completely disregarded the words on the menu. I had, of course, been trying to order one of the bus's famous waffles. Instead, my fiancé and I ordered two kinds of "waffle fryders" -- the fried chicken and the cheeseburger -- to share.

Waffle fryders. It was right there in the name. Fryders. I should have questioned it. Instead, I grabbed a lemonade at Inversion (because that's how you win at life) and waited for my "waffle" sliders to be ready.

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
Fryders...I get it now.
Clearly, these sliders were not on miniature waffles, as I had envisioned. Instead, crisp fried chicken and a wonderfully-greasy cheeseburger were cut into quarters and served on buns fashioned out of waffle fries.

I was mad at myself for a bit, but the stellar, thinly coated fried chicken pretty much made up for it. Yes, I do believe this chicken would have been better suited for an actual waffle instead of a french fry bun, but the spice, crunch and moistness of the chicken combined with the creamy house sauce -- a sort of kicked up thousand island -- was so good, I didn't care. I ate a bite or two as a sandwich, but ended up removing the "buns" and taking down the smothered chicken on its own.

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
There's a few too many fries in this equation.
The cheeseburger itself was just as compelling. Oozing juice and well-seasoned, I was okay without the waffle here, but would have loved some lettuce or okay, maybe even a real bun to wrap it in instead. Though the waffle fries were great and all, I'd like them to stop pretending to be bread. They were just fine on the side.

In the end, I left satisfied and happy to return. Next time for a real waffle.

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The Waffle Bus

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Bruce_Are topcommenter

I got food from Waffle Bus once. It's the sort of food that makes you feel sick after you eat it. Like when you eat too many Fritos.

Sherri L. Drain
Sherri L. Drain

I made that mistake 1st time I ordered there too but did enjoy the fryders, although disappointed there wasn't an actual "waffle" involved. Next time ordered correctly & interestingly enough, wasn't that crazy about the waffle part...was a little weird tasting. Every time after that, always the fryders.

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