How To: Get, Plant & Grow Your Own Lime Trees in Houston

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Produce limes for many years by planting your own lime tree.
What's the best solution to avoiding rising prices of any produce? Grow it yourself. Fortunately, the Houston area and climate is perfect for growing citrus, especially limes. Unfortunately, if you plant a lime tree now it won't produce fruit until next year. But, just in case another lime crisis happens (or it continues), here's how you can plant a lime tree at home.

We spoke with Tyler Horne, market manager of the Saturday Eastside Street & Wednesday City Hall Urban Harvest farmers markets, about growing limes in Houston. He says it is super easy to grow citrus in our area because the lime trees are well adapted to our gumbo soil. Horne explains that the rootstock of lime trees will grasp onto this type of soil easily.

When shopping for a lime tree, make sure it came from Texas, and not from another state, otherwise your tree won't produce as much fruit. Urban Harvest has a fruit tree sale in January and subsequent sales in March and April. Horne recommends Houstonians visit Buchanan's Native Plants on 11th Street and Heights, as well as the Wabash Antiques and Feed Store on Washington. Each has an excellent selection of citrus.

To plant your tree, find an area where it will receive at least half a day of sun. Lime trees don't need a lot of sun, but you want to make sure they are in an area that will be exposed to light during the day.

"Basically dig a hole about the same size as the pot you bought the tree in, and stick it in the ground and put some mulch over it," Horne explains. "We really recommend mulch this time of year because it helps with water retention. Particularly with a new tree, you've got to establish its roots by keeping it well watered, not overly watered. But, a couple times a week will be good."

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Urban Harvest Eastside Farmer's Market

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Buchanan's Native Plants

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Wabash Antiques and Feed Store

5701 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

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