Happy 65th Anniversary, Three Brothers Bakery

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Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
The Houston Press received a special white cake from Three Brothers Bakery this morning in honor of its 65th anniversary.
Three Brothers Bakery will turn 65 years old on Thursday, May 8. To celebrate this milestone, the local bakery will hold an anniversary party at the Braeswood location beginning at 10 a.m.

The celebration will feature cake, sweets and a big surprise -- one of the bakery's traditional treats will get a "dramatic makeover." In addition to all of these delicious desserts, the bakery's first customer, Clyde Cannon, the District for Congressman John Cuberson and Council Member Larry Green will declare May 8, Three Brothers Bakery Day.

Husband and wife, Bobby and Janice Jucker, along with Bobby's aunt, Estelle Jucker, currently own Three Brothers Bakery. They will be joined by Sigmund Jucker, the only remaining original three brothers and father of Bobby, during tomorrow's celebration.

"We are privileged to have been able to thrive as a family bakery the last 65 years. It means so much to our family to continue to pass on the traditions that I learned from my father," Bobby says in a statement. "This is a huge milestone for us, and we are pleased and honored to be able to celebrate our anniversary with the community and the City of Houston."

Three Brothers Bakery has made a name for itself with its incredible black and white cookies, giant-sized cupcakes and beautifully designed cakes. After opening its newest store on Washington Avenue, there are currently three bakery locations in Houston.

Thank you, Three Brothers Bakery, for the delicious cake complete with gingerbread cookies. We congratulate you on 65 years and hope there are plenty more to come!

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Three Brothers Bakery

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Three Brothers Bakery

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