Fireball Cinnamon Whisky: Is It Really That Good?

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Some whiskey has a burn, but this one has two.

I was often first up for a challenge shot in my barely-legal days, because of a slight advantage. The edge wasn't toughness. No, I was one of the few members of my cohort who actually liked the taste of cheap tequila.

However, the times were way ahead of me when I drank my first Jägerbomb last month. "Never stop at one," my friend Richie advised, "First JB tastes like poison. Second JB tastes like gasoline. Third and all others taste like fresh springwater on a hot summer day..."

The fourth Jägerbomb proved Richie's wisdom, and I could've easily gone on with the fascinating taste, but the Red Bull was red-lining my adrenals.

A New Challenge

This week I decided to surf the next wave before it crested, and that wave is Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. "We love Fireball!" said another friend, who decided she should remain anonymous, "We buy jugs of the stuff."

I went the other way for this test, buying just a pint. There's something wonderfully tawdry about buying a pint of any liquor, with bonus points for a plastic bottle.

Where's the Whisky?

The label says Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, and the "whisky" without with the "e" indicates it's Canadian. Whisky from Canada is a blend of the sweet taste of corn mash with spicy notes of rye, and this smooth style of the spirit is the preferred taste of many Texan whiskey-drinkers.

Fireball is produced by Sazerac, the parent company of my favorite cheap bourbon, Buffalo Trace, so the pedigree checked out. I asked my friend Louis--who can ease halfway into a bottle of Blanton's with no visible effect--to egg me on.

Peek at the demon through the little window in back.

The first shot was smooth, delicious, and indeed fiery. It tasted exactly like Atomic Fireball Cinnamon Candy--those little red-hot balls with the hard-to-open plastic wrappers. There's little indication of any whisky flavor. Fireball Whisky is just pure liquid cinnamon burn, and it's pure fun.

I had no competitive advantage here, because everyone seems to love the taste of Fireball A shot of it warms the innards, whether you're ice-fishing in Saskatchewan, or chillin' in an overly-air-conditioned Houston bar.

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Fireball is pretty good on its own. However a bar I frequent is featuring a shot of this mixed with Dr. Pepper, which may be the most retch-inducing thing I've ever consumed. If you can't find castor oil... 


I thought it was pretty tasty, but you do want a shot of the straight stuff after a few.

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