You Can Now Search Yelp with Emojis (For the Spelling-Challenged)

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If you were expecting the bread emoji to find you a bakery, you're out of luck. Bread returns results for sandwich shops, including Les Givral's and Zero's Sandwich Shop. Scroll down a little and you might find Slow Dough in between The Cajun Stop and Brennan's. Weird.


Anything Italian, especially if it has "spaghetti" in the name, like Spaghetti Warehouse and Spaghetti Western.


Searching with the drumstick brings up chicken, chicken and more chicken. The Breakfast Klub, Reggae Hut and Frenchy's Chicken all pop up, as do a number of Vietnamese restaurants. But I'm in Midtown, so maybe that's different elsewhere in the city.


This icon, unsurprisingly, is incredibly reliable. It will find just about every sushi restaurant in Houston.


Yelp is confused. I was hoping to find a fruit stand, but instead, I got Red Apple Nails, 13 Celsius (?), Reef (??), and Baby Barnaby's (???).


Massage parlors. Bingo.


Now I'm confused. I got Tunnel - S Louisiana - Yellow, Barbarella and Houston Police Officers Memorial.


This actually works if you're looking for a pet service that cleans up dog poop or a dog park or you're hoping to visit the Poop Deck bar in Galveston.


No results for (Easter Island Head) near Houston, TX.

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