We've Narrowed Down the Most Underrated Pizza...Vote Now!

Photo by Leonel Nerio
The pizzas at Pizaro's are amazing and definitely not underrated. Check out the poll to see which are!
Last week, we talked pizza. No, Houston isn't generally recognized as a great pizza city like New York or Chicago, but your responses to our query about the most underrated pies in town reminded me of just how many pizza joints we have here. You even alerted me to some spots where I can get deep dish--a style I've been craving since I moved here from the Midwest (home of mediocre thin crust, but pretty good Chicago-style).

As usual, the votes were all over the place. Some of you love the convenience of delivery, while others go gaga over unusual toppings like crawfish and tandoori paneer. Some of you like wood-fired pies with thin crust, while others prefer thick, doughy pizzas or deep dish stuffed with toppings.

Thankfully, no one mentioned stuffed crust or breakfast pizza. Those are best left back in the '90s where they belong.

So here we go again. As usual, you get one vote, so use it wisely.

The poll will close at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 25. Look for the results the following week.

Thanks for voting, and stay tuned for underrated barbecue...coming up next!

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two locations that I know of: 

5009 Antoine Dr. and 2645 Gessner Dr, though I must admit I have never tried the location on Gessner, so I can only assume that the quality is the same.


Inner-Loop Snobbery!  How could no one mention DaddyO's Pizza?  Their garlicky, flavorful, Bronx Bomber (loaded with pepperoni and jalapenos) or the Long Islander with spinach are THE BEST!  But because the locations tend to be hole-in-the-walls in out of the way locations the pizza is often overlooked. 

Kathy Monroy
Kathy Monroy

Where's fuzzys pizza??? I vote fuzzys pizza

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Boheme by a wide margin, and the drinks are just as special. Just avoid the all too precious indoors portion, snobbery abounds.

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