Top 5 Banana Breads in Houston: Just Like Mom Makes

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Photos by Molly Dunn
Slather some butter on that warm banana bread and you're in heaven.
Good banana bread is moist; it's full of bananas; it's sweet, but doesn't make your teeth rot; it's comforting; and it's just what you need at the end of a hard day (or any day, for that matter).

While your grandmother or mom (or you) probably makes the best banana bread you've ever had, there are several bakeries around Houston serving up the classic sweet treat (some with a twist), and theirs might be just as good as Mom's, if not better.

Whether you prefer the addition of nuts (or no nuts), chocolate or fruit, or you like it plain and simple, you can find it in Houston, so here are our top five banana breads in the Bayou City.

Who needs nuts when you have pisco and raisins in your banana bread?
5. Sweets by Belen

Purchase a loaf of banana bread from this food truck, but don't expect it to be the typical sweet bread you grew up eating at your grandmother's house. Belen Bailey infuses raisins with pisco, which is a Peruvian drink similar to tequila, then adds them (and we believe some more pisco) to the banana bread, resulting in a sticky-sweet treat with a Latin American twist. It's finger-licking-good. You can find her dessert-like banana bread at various farmers' markets throughout the week. Just check the Sweets by Belen Facebook page for the current week's schedule.

4. Sinfull Bakery

The best part about vegan baked goods is that they focus on the parts of the treat we all love. Dylan Carnes of Sinfull Bakery makes an incredible banana nut bread packed with bananas, nuts and the perfect amount of spice. Each bite is soft and moist, and while it's hard to resist digging into the "mini" loaf (Who are we kidding? There's nothing mini about this bread.), once you purchase it at a farmers' market or coffee shop, we recommend you place a slice in the microwave; there's nothing better than warm baked goods, even if they are vegan.

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Linda Rogers Weiss
Linda Rogers Weiss

That is one good photograph. Make you want to reach in and have a bite.

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