10 Best Food Emojis We Desperately Need

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10. Various cuts of meat
Yo, emojis, charcuterie is a big thing now. Or haven't you heard? Actually, it might not be in Japan, but if we've got dollar bills and a drum stick, we should probably add some classy American meat to the mix. Cured or bloody, it don't matter to me.

9. Microgreens
These are perfect for whenever you feel something is superfluous or unnecessary.

8. Twin Peaks/Hooters Waitress
Alternatively, this could just be an image of a waiter or waitress, but I think emoji users would appreciate the...enhancements.

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7. Red solo cup
This would be for inviting a friend to a frat party or describing Toby Keith pictorially.

6. A sandwich

5. A vomiting/hungover face
As a food writer, I get food poisoning from time to time. And as a 20-something human being, I get hungover from time to time. And in both of these instances, I would like a way to express these feelings without taking the time to think about spelling or stringing a sentence together.

4. Margarita
There's already beer, wine, martini and something that appears to be a long island iced tea. How is there no margarita? As South Texans, we desperately need this image. Then, on hot Saturday afternoons, all we'd have to text our friends is the margarita emoji and a question mark, and we'd all know to meet at El Tiempo on Richmond in 20.

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3. Taco/breakfast taco
By that same token, there should really be a taco or at least some sort of Mexican food to choose from. I haven't been to Japan. I don't know if Tex-Mex is a thing there. But it should be, and we should have an emoji to show our love for all things related to meat, tortillas and cheese.

2. Barbecue
I realize we're getting very Texas specific here now, but Japanese yakitori is similar in some ways to barbecue. There needs to at least be a grill. With meat on it. Maybe a smoker. And a bottle of barbecue sauce. And a rack of glistening ribs. Let's just go with all of the above.

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1. Cheese
Yeah, I bet you didn't even realize there isn't a cheese emoji because it seems too obvious. But then, one terrible day, you go to text someone about your desire for cheese and LO AND BEHOLD THERE IS NO CHEESE EMOJI. Look, I don't even care what kind of cheese is depicted. There just needs to be cheese. Preferably several varieties like Swiss, string cheese, chèvre, cheddar, brie and some sort of giant wheel. And queso, of course.

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Debby Wittmann
Debby Wittmann

Yes! I can't believe crawfish isn't even on the list?!

Melissa Reyna
Melissa Reyna

Lol! Good point. Maybe brownie ala mode then? Lol

Sun Mi Gille
Sun Mi Gille

Debby, weren't you saying we need a crawfish emoji?!

Goode Company BBQ
Goode Company BBQ

We're on board with a BBQ emoji! We also would like to petition for a slice of pie. That cake slice, just isn't Goode enough.

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