10 Best Food Emojis We Desperately Need

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I really don't think we need all those sushi iterations.
While working on the article about searching Yelp using emojis this week, I realized that the emoji canon has some rather glaring omissions. Sure, I could search for a burger place or Italian food or sushi, but what if I want a sandwich? A cupcake? Some charcuterie?

Emojis were first invented in Japan in 1998, and they've certainly evolved since then (hell, there's a floppy disk and a crystal ball, should you ever find yourself chatting about obsolete '90s technology or fortune tellers), but there are still many things missing.

I polled a few local chefs, restaurateurs and food personalities to see what they thought might be a useful addition to the oeuvre of emojis, and then I made a list of my own, featuring images I constantly find myself wishing I could text into the stratosphere.

What would you add to the already vast (and bizarre) lineup?

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We need MORE MEAT.
Pastry chef Becky Masson of Fluff Bake Bar immediately responded to my query about emojis we're lacking with "macarons...they're the new cupcakes." She also suggested grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese, both of which seem like necessary additions, as well as something to depict a food coma. I'm picturing a drooling, half asleep smiley face.

Joshua Martinez of Goro & Gun and The Modular food truck initially suggested chicken feet and tripe, but then amended his response to the slightly less bizarre corn dog and whole roasted pig. You know, for whenever you're at a luau.

Our wine guru Jeremy Parzen suggested there need to be emojis to describe wine, "like one for poopy smells (reduction) or acetone or brilliant acidity and tannin." He proposed that acetone smells like nail polish remover and and tannins cause gums to "flex." "Acidity," he said, "could be someone getting an electric shock." I can think of other uses for that as well...

Canadian native and executive sous chef of Reef Ryan Lachaine immediately responded that we need moose, beaver and seal emojis. Not the cute, furry animals, mind you. He meant as meat.

I also contacted my counterpart for the Dallas Observer, restaurant critic Scott Reitz. Here's his text back to me: "How about a kebab?"

Yeah, emojis. Where's the kebab?!

Here's what else yours truly thinks has been overlooked by the gods of emoji.

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Debby Wittmann
Debby Wittmann

Yes! I can't believe crawfish isn't even on the list?!

Melissa Reyna
Melissa Reyna

Lol! Good point. Maybe brownie ala mode then? Lol

Sun Mi Gille
Sun Mi Gille

Debby, weren't you saying we need a crawfish emoji?!

Goode Company BBQ
Goode Company BBQ

We're on board with a BBQ emoji! We also would like to petition for a slice of pie. That cake slice, just isn't Goode enough.

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