Your Guide to Spring Produce in Houston

Photo by Janet Hudson
Stuff artichokes with spinach and cheese, then top with Panko.

"Artichokes will be in season as well," Horne says. "They take nine months to reach maturity, so very few farmers actually want to plant them because most crops have a 60-day cycle. So, you plant and then in 60 days you're ready to sell at a farmers market. Artichokes are like babies. You've got nine months for them to get ready. There's a couple people that grow them, but they'll be for sale at our market here in a month or so."

Other spring-season produce includes asparagus, fennel, rhubarb and apricots.

If you want to grow your own produce or herbs at home, check out "Year Round Gardening for Metro Houston," written by Dr. Bob Randall, founder of Urban Harvest. Horne says it is like the bible for planting and growing plants in Houston; it contains planting charts illustrating when to grow certain fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as what to expect. You can purchase it at any of the Urban Harvest farmers markets.

Get those herbs planted outside now, because it is the perfect time to grow mint, oregano, parsley and cilantro along with basil. Of course, you can continue to grow rosemary because it grows year-round. As Horne says, it's hard to kill rosemary.

Head to the Eastside Farmers Markets on Saturdays and Sundays, and the City Hall Farmers Market on Wednesdays, to purchase a variety of spring produce from a multitude of vendors.

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