Passover Staples at Kenny & Ziggy's

Photo courtesy of Paula Murphy
The full Passover spread available at Kenny & Ziggy's

I am so food-obsessed that I use the arrival of every holiday (even if it's in no way associated with my ethnicity/religion/national origin) as an opportunity to eat special food.

Which is why my lapsed Catholic/spiritual-agnostic self is crazy excited for the start of Passover. I don't have a Jewish grandma at home (though in a pinch, my husband will do), so I will have to do a little extra legwork to procure items for my meal. My Passover food will still be homemade...just not in my home.

This year, Kenny & Ziggy's offered a fabulous $400 ginormous "Passover In A Box" package that would have enabled me to hold a baller Passover feast. But I missed the deadline, and let's face it, most of my goyim friends aren't quite as excited as I am to eat gefilte fish.

Photo courtesy of Paula Murphy
Partial contents of Kenny & Ziggy's baller Passover-in-a-Box

For others in Houston who are passionate about Pesach foods, here's my curated Passover menu from Kenny & Ziggy's (all items available from their takeout menu).

Photo courtesy of Paula Murphy
What am I? Chopped liver from Kenny & Ziggy's!

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You mentioned staples, but they are not pictured. Maybe the same reason I was told in elementary school to never eat staples?

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