Way Good Food Truck Really Is Way Good

You need a fork to eat these fried mac and cheese balls.

After seeing multiple posts on Twitter and Facebook about the fried mac and cheese balls, I knew I had to try these during my first visit to the truck. The fried balls are nearly the size of a tennis ball, and two come in each order, with a side of marinara sauce for dipping. The exterior is thick and crispy, and encases the creamy and gooey macaroni and cheese. One bite and the filling comes spilling out -- it's a bit of a messy snack. On their own, the balls remind me of baked mac 'n cheese topped with crunchy breadcrumbs, but when you dip each piece into the marinara sauce, it's like eating mozzarella sticks, if mozzarella sticks contained pasta.

Despite their being incredibly tasty and successfully satisfying my junk food cravings (even though I felt quite guilty afterward), they're a bit overpriced. Five dollars for two mac and cheese balls is a bit much, especially when larger items like burgers and nachos are just $2 more.

Every topping is evenly distributed throughout the nachos.

Speaking of nachos, the brisket nachos are hands-down one of the best items on the truck's menu. And there's enough to split with another person. Oily, fried chips are topped with shredded pieces of brisket, pinto beans, queso, sour cream, guacamole and a generous amount of jalapeños. In fact, there's a generous amount of each topping evenly distributed throughout the nachos. The brisket is juicy, salty and amazing on its own; the guacamole and sour cream help combat the spiciness of the jalapeños, while the queso ties everything together nicely. The pinto beans add a little extra goodness to the nachos. You can substitute the chips for fries, too.

Unfortunately, during my visit the truck was out of the house-made toffee, but the next time I go back (which I will), I'll be sure to get the sole dessert on the menu, and those brisket nachos again. I can't get enough of those chips.

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Way Good Food Truck

1919 W. Alabama St., Houston, TX

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West Alabama Ice House

1919 W. Alabama, Houston, TX

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Papou Jerry's Gyro Truck

1919 W. Alabama, Houston, TX

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I disagree strongly. Perhaps the worst food at the worst price I've ever had. Shouldve waited until I got home to make Ramen noodles... Plus, it took 30 minutes to make two tacos (no one in front of me)

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