Way Good Food Truck Really Is Way Good

Photos by Molly Dunn
Way Good Food Truck sits outside West Alabama Ice House every day from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.
"This is way good," my fiancé and I unintentionally said to each other after taking one bite from our fried mac and cheese balls from Way Good Food Truck. Yes, the mobile eatery's name is a bit pretentious and forefront in describing its food, but you can't blame a food service for being proud of its products, can you?

Way Good Food Truck held its grand opening on Friday, May 14, and has set up shop daily since then at the corner of West Alabama Ice House, inviting customers to grab some greasy, indulgent food and sit down at one of the many picnic tables outside. Ice cold beer, plus burgers, nachos and fries, make for one heck of a combination.

After creating their catering company, Way Good Food, LLC in October 2013, sisters Karen and Kathryn Fergus took over the Greek gyro food truck Papou Jerry's and turned it into Way Good Food in December 2013. Karen is the chef and Kathryn is the director of marketing and operations. They refurbished the truck and turned it into the bright-blue mobile eatery that sits on the corner of West Alabama Ice House seven days a week.

Brisket nachos plus mac and cheese balls: heart-stopping goodness.
The new food truck chose an excellent spot to serve hungry customers. As patrons flood into West Alabama Ice House on a Saturday afternoon or weekday night, they're going to want something to soak up all the beer and booze. Way Good Food offers a variety of small bites like seasoned fries, stuffed jalapeños with cream cheese and bacon, and spicy buffalo chicken wings; the truck also serves larger items, like a potato chip-coated fried chicken breast sandwich, and a cheeseburger with a variety of toppings from bacon and blue cheese to jalapeños and guacamole.

It's greasy, comfort food you must pair with a beer.

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Way Good Food Truck

1919 W. Alabama St., Houston, TX

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West Alabama Ice House

1919 W. Alabama, Houston, TX

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Papou Jerry's Gyro Truck

1919 W. Alabama, Houston, TX

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I disagree strongly. Perhaps the worst food at the worst price I've ever had. Shouldve waited until I got home to make Ramen noodles... Plus, it took 30 minutes to make two tacos (no one in front of me)

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