Doughmaker Doughnuts Joins Houston's Food Truck Scene

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Photos by Molly Dunn
Doughmaker Doughnuts makes beautiful gourmet creations.
There's a food truck for just about anything in Houston. Burgers and fries? You bet. Cupcakes and sweets? Heck yeah. Mexican food? Of course! Asian food? Absolutely. Mexican-Asian fusion? No doubt. Doughnuts? Not so much.

If there's one thing the Houston mobile dining scene lacks, it's breakfast options. More specifically, doughnuts. But, thanks to Doughmaker Doughnuts, Houstonians have another local place to pick up gourmet offerings for their first meal of the day, or for an early afternoon snack (if the truck has anything left).

The food truck showcases its doughnuts.
Doughmaker Doughnuts kicked off its first service a few weeks ago. It has set up shop at Watershed Market, Midtown Mobile Cuisine, Black Hole Coffee House and Mercantile in Montrose. The dark-gray food truck serves a variety of beautifully decorated doughnuts, as well as coffee and cold-press milks from local vendors. After a few visits, we've observed that the doughnut lineup is usually this: toasted coconut caramel, turbinado sugar cinnamon, blueberry lemon, orange blossom-honey pistachio, bourbon vanilla bean cardamom and salted caramel apple. They are yours for $2 each, and according to one of the food truck employees the doughnuts rotate between being baked and fried.

During my visit at Mercantile in Montrose, the truck was serving baked cake doughnuts only. After grabbing our Americano and latte from the newest Mercantile location, (both fantastic espresso drinks), my mom and I moseyed over to Doughmaker Doughnuts for our breakfast.

My all-time favorite flavor is blueberry cake, so I definitely wanted to try the blueberry lemon variety. The orange blossom-honey pistachio sounded appealing; the complex flavors of salty pistachios and tart orange glaze intrigued me, so we decided to try that one. And, we chose the turbinado sugar cinnamon flavor because it seemed like a simple twist on a traditional cinnamon-sugar model. If each doughnut had cost less than $2, we would have tried all of the flavors, but $12 seems too much.

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Doughmaker Doughnuts

13515 S. Post Oak Rd., Houston, TX

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Midtown Mobile Cuisine

4002 Almeda Rd., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Black Hole Coffee House

4504 Graustark St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant


3321 Stanford St., Houston, TX

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You can't seriously believe that Round Rock Donuts get their color from egg yolks. Egg shade or some other colorant, guaranteed. The amount of yolk they'd need to use to get that color would not allow the donuts to hold together.

John Dannar
John Dannar

Jess White #thingstodobeforeweleavehouston

HTX Confessions
HTX Confessions

I need that blueberry lemon donut because of reasons.


A bit overpriced?  Gah!  Two bucks for a doughnut.  And no brick and morter lease/overhead.  Another member of the pantheon of overpriced food trucks.

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