10 Best Reasons to Visit Down House

Photo by Troy Fields
Welcome to Down House, the best Heights neighborhood spot.
Down House was named our 2013 Best Neighborhood Spot in the Heights for Best of Houston. There's no denying that this establishment from Joey Treadway and Chris Cusack has become popular among many Houstonians, especially Heights residents, despite its rocky start.

In 2011, Katharine Shilcutt reviewed Down House, and wasn't quite sure what the restaurant was going for when it opened; it offered coffee, cocktails and meals throughout the day, and seemed to have too much going on at the same time, causing it to have sloppy and inconsistent service.

But now, Down House has come into its own. It still offers an incredible cocktail and coffee program, and dishes up tasty food. If you have yet to visit Down House, please reconsider. And check out these ten reasons to stop by for a cup of coffee, a cocktail during happy hour or for a casual weeknight dinner.

Photo by Troy Fields
Down House makes exceptional coffee drinks alongside impressive cocktails.


The Heights neighborhood has a few spots to grab a cup of coffee in the morning or mid-day, drinks at night and a few restaurants to enjoy a casual lunch or dinner throughout the week. But, Down House offers all three. Sit at the bar in the back of the restaurant to watch the bartenders whip together inventive cocktails using a wide range of ingredients, like the Pagliacci, a citrus-spice drink blending allspice with honey, lemon, peach liqueur, Karbach Rodeo Clown Double IPA and Broker's gin. But if cocktails and craft beer aren't your thing, maybe a perfectly executed cortado or vanilla latte is.

Mis-Matched Dishes

During my first visit, I was blown away with how comforting and welcoming the restaurant is. But then, my fiancé and I received our dinner plates on mis-matched plates that look EXACTLY like the ones my mom used to serve dinner with when I was a kid -- I just knew I would love this place. It's great to see a restaurant not care about having the standard white plates and identical glassware; if the décor and atmosphere of Down House don't make you feel at home, the dishes will.

Small Plates & Large Plates

You can have three experiences at Down House for dinner. Try a few smaller plates with your dining companions, stick to one larger plate for yourself, or mix and match small plates with larger offerings. The liveliness of Down House creates a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends to share a variety of dishes ranging in type of cuisine, or to enjoy their own meal. The dinner menu is cleverly divided by base ingredients: garden and dairy, land and air, and sea. Pick and choose from either side of the menu (small or large plates) and vary between proteins (or lack there of).

Photo by Molly Dunn
A simple plate of vegetables is a filling and satisfying meal.

No Meat, No Problem

Because Down House uses local products, vegetarian options are not disregarded and pushed to the side. Each vegetable is treated like it is a protein. In fact, one dish features chicken-fried (despite the name, there's no meat involved) portobello mushrooms served with mashed potatoes, like the popular fried chicken and mashed potatoes meal. But perhaps, the current winter vegetables dish featuring seared cauliflower and broccoli, glazed carrots and wilted tatsoi (Spinach mustard) atop a purée of red lentils is one of the best examples of a vegetarian dish where the meat is certainly not missed. Each vegetable is coated in a mouth-watering spice and the perfect balance of citrus, tempting you to lick the plate clean.

Courteous and Welcoming Staff

It's fitting that the waitstaff makes you feel right at home. Down House's waiters, waitresses, bartenders and host/hostesses make you feel as though you walked into their home and their only job is to cater to you. Each employee puts you at ease, letting you know that your dining experience is going to be awesome -- from helpful recommendations and assistance in deciding between two dishes, to giving you dessert descriptions that will convince you a sweet treat is a necessity.

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Down House

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

So, Molly Dunn:  You have ZERO people who agree with this review.  Why is that?

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

This place is miserable, and one of the few restaurants that I've seen reviewed multiple times here, when we have so many other restaurants.

Let's hope this place doesn't get another "attaboy" here for at least another year or so.

Bex Meanie
Bex Meanie

I really wasn't impressed. The only thing that was "really good" was the coffee. Everything else was just... Flat. For the price (and the amount of much-better competition) I expect more than just ambiance.

Annabella Bruzual
Annabella Bruzual

Beatriz C. Lopez Isava Lorena Cozzari vamos cuando llegue Triki de Miami


$10 for breakfast tacos and beans? Hilarious.


@Kolkane  I'm sure they are made out of organic non-gmo artisanal ingredients prepared in a way that no latino could ever hope to achieve on their own.


@Kolkane  The whole article reads like a PR piece.  "Because Down House uses local products, vegetarian options are not disregarded and pushed to the side."  Where is the logic in that sentence? 

Bruce_Are topcommenter


I was thinking the same thing. I laughed at the caption "Two breakfast tacos and a side of black beans for just $10."  Just $10 for two tacos and beans. Just. This is Houston. You can get that at 1,000 places for around $5.

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