Top 5 Soft Cheeses From Murray's Cheese Bar (in Kroger)

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
You had me at triple cream.

3. Cambozola. Although I tend to be a harsh critic of food portmanteaux, I readily forgive the makers of "cambozola," a hybrid of gorgonzola and camembert. Its sharp, almost vinegary taste is tempered by a smooth, friendly spreadable texture. Cambozola is remarkable with Ritz crackers and performs even better crumbled on top of gnocchi.

2. Saint Angel. The aptly named Saint Angel is a divine-tasting triple crème cheese -- and in case you don't speak the French, that means "triple cream." Unsurprisingly, this pungent, very fatty cheese is likely to melt in your hand before it melts in your mouth, so find some sesame crackers, stat, to corral the delicious ooze.

1. Époisses. Really, really stinky and really, really good. Époisses is aged for many, many years in French caves, which is how it acquires its distinctive, strangely appealing stench (some liken it to feet, in a good way), buttery brown rind, and runny mouth-feel. Each small wheel is packaged in a cute balsa-wood box that serves the practical purpose of shielding non-lovers. But this measure wasn't good enough for French transportation officials, who banned it from public transit.

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epoisses is at the top of my list.  the family I lived with in France ate it often, but wouldn't store it in the fridge or on the counter.  it went in a tupperware container into a shopping bag that was then hung out the kitchen window.

Faye A Paynter
Faye A Paynter

Houston Dairymaids should be the topic of a feature article about great cheeses and great cheese vendors.

paval topcommenter

Murray Cheese shop inside a store that advertises its lower prices seems an oxymoron. But the author saved the experience of trying cheeses that are up to two dollars more expensive per pound than same cheeses in Central Market or Spec's, by pairing high quality cheeses with Ritz Crackers. 

Faye A Paynter
Faye A Paynter

OMG, I'm not a cheesemonger, but I am a HUGE cheese consumer. It KILLS me that they wrap the cheese in saran, and it KILLS the flavor. All of that hard work and time is wasted.


Especially women in the cheese business.  There are great women behind some great dairies and then owners of stores such as Dairymaids.

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