Top 5 Foods & Drink to Binge on While (Also) Bingeing on 'House of Cards'

Photo by Christopher Twigg
"A slice of pie is good for the soul."

For a significant number of Americans, February 14, 2014, was more than just Valentine's Day. The day's primary significance was not the annual celebration of our national Hallmark-sanctioned loveliest, but the release of the full second season of House of Cards. What's House of Cards? Okay, just stop reading now and hit yourself with a brick for not watching one of the best shows on television. Everyone else, get in the spirit with these five theme food and drinks. [Warning: some minor spoilers.]

5. Water. "Clean water," of course, since the "Clean Water Initiative" is Claire Underwood's baby (metaphorical and symbolic since she gave up having kids -- get it, get it? Okay, I'll stop.) And while water is a rather boring party libation, you'll thank me later, given the salty foods and other less salubrious beverages that follow on this list.

4. Steak. More specifically, a steak of "soy-fed Nagasaki beef," which goes for "200 bucks a pound," or so claims Raymond Tusk in season 2, episode 8. At that price, I'm not throwing my steak in the pool to be fetched by a dog like Frank did, but then again, seasoned cow flesh has always been my Achilles heel.

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