The United States of Desserts: Buckeyes

Photo by Kim Keegan
Buckeyes (the candy)

In this series, we examine the history and origins of famous sweets, confections, and desserts associated with certain American states.

Buckeye. I can't think of another word in the English language that simultaneously denotes a professional sports organization, a tree, a butterfly species, a breed of chicken and a type of candy.

Because I'm uninterested in college football or botany, slightly afraid of butterflies and indifferent to chickens, the focus of this post will be buckeyes the candy.

For those unfamiliar with these confections, which were created in and are strongly associated with Ohio and its residents, the buckeye candy is basically a ball of peanut butter, powdered sugar and butter, half dipped in semi-sweet chocolate.

Photo by Shihmei Barger Buckeyes (the nut)

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I admit, you made me laugh with the 'professional sports organization' comment.

Then again, we are here in Texas, where even the high schools seem to have 8 and 9 figure stadiums...

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