The Roscoe Is Back at Torchy's Tacos

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Look at that crispy, crunchy bacon and fried chicken.

But the fried egg does not have a runny yolk; it is slightly overcooked. I hoped for the yolk to ooze out of the center onto the waffle and fried chicken, but that might be too messy to eat. I also wish the waffle was slightly thicker. The hard shell overpowers the fluffy interior.

While the flour tortilla takes a backseat, it's there to hold the whole thing together for one perfect salty, sweet and sticky bite.

Pair it with a sugary Mexican Coke and your sweet tooth will be completely and utterly satisfied. Enjoy the Roscoe for $4.75 at any Torchy's Tacos location until March 31.

Location Info

Torchy's Tacos

2411 S. Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Learn to make your own tortillas.  I can't take this place seriously until it learns to do so.

Bruce_Are topcommenter


I thought that before I went there.  But their tacos kicked arse anyway.  

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