Ramen Documentary to Premiere in Houston

Photo courtesy Spilled
Get ready for Carl Rosa's ramen documentary.
If you're tired of hearing about ramen, stop reading right now. The craze isn't dying down anytime soon. In fact, many think that, at least here in Houston, it's just getting started, and we're about to go even more gaga over the Japanese soup, thanks to Carl Rosa, founder and president of the Sushi Club of Houston, and his new film, Spilled: A Documentary About Real Ramen.

This morning, Rosa released the trailer on the Ramen in Common Facebook group, and various Spilled websites went live, a move that will probably increase the local demand for the dish, which was once largely thought of as college-dorm fare in the United States. Rosa is crazy about all things Japanese--particularly the food--and he spends his days teaching Americans about the ins and outs of Japanese culture and cuisine. He's already tackled sushi in Houston, so now he's onto the next big thing: Ramen.

The documentary has been in the works since October 2012, when the ramen bug began to bite here in America. Since then, Rosa has been developing this film, which has taken him all over the United States to some of the best ramen joints in New York, Los Angeles, Houston and beyond.

Of course, to truly capture authentic ramen, Rosa and his team had to go to Japan to delve deeper into what makes a perfect bowl of ramen, how to eat it and why it's become such a hit worldwide.

According to a press release about the film, "The journey weaves across the United States gathering expert opinion from leading ramen experts ... and then dives into the very heart of the ramen phenomenon, the busy streets and steamy ramen shops of Japan. Spilled offers a direct, no-holds-barred attitude that strips bare the secrets of the best bowls of ramen in the world."

Rosa plans to premiere the film in Houston in November . Check out the first trailer, and let us know: Are you excited about the ramen phenomenon? Which restaurant in our area has the best Ramen?

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del.martinis topcommenter

We need more Ramen shops! Some of this could be a skit on Portlandia, which isn't a bad thing.


I often get my fix at Ramen Jin.


I saw the title and did a double take before reading.  Wow!  Houston seems to be really evolving in the right direction.  Wonderful to see.  To see a film made on something so specific is wonderful news.  And when it comes to great ramen I choose between Soma, Kata and Kubo's.


It is a toss up between Ramen Jin and Kata for me.  Kata's Spicy Soy ramen is fantastic but Ramen Jin's new garlic-based tonkotsu is just a fantastic when the time is right.  I did a little searching online and no one has produced a full scale ramen documentary before.  Should be very interesting.  Looking forward to it.


This is phenomenal. I don't really think that anyone has really paid attention to ramen and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the film with expose myths.  It's great that it will all start in Htown.  BTW, my favorite ramen in Houston: Tiger Den.


@vydakinfo I believe that I did the same thing.  Ramen film in Houston?   I think it's a great way for the city to evolve.  Hoping it's worth it.  Movies can't be easy to make.

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