Going Healthy at Snap Kitchen

Photo by Mai Pham
Kale caesar salad: two thumbs up!

A paleo-style chicken enchilada, one of their newest, best-selling items -- which had the benefit of being gluten-free and non-dairy -- was something I really wanted to like too, but again, I had to overcome how it looked. The faux-enchilada tortilla, which had been made with non-wheat flour ingredients, had a slightly green tinge to it, and was more like an overly thick crepe than a tortilla. I liked the dish a whole lot better when I unrolled the tortilla and ate just the chicken filling with the spicy jalapeño avocado sauce (their healthy version of salsa verde).

Asked his favorite item on the menu, Reinhart named the Malaysian curry. Served over a bed of brown rice, it was probably the best item of the night for me, the slightly sweet caramel brown-colored vegetable stew resembling ratatouille in composition and flavor. I could see myself eating that again.

Photo by Mai Pham
Three of these paleo-style chicken enchiladas are just 450 calories.

But for many of the items, it was difficult for my brain to not recognize the fact that I was eating foods in which the gluten, dairy, fat, and sugar, have been substituted with almond flour, olive oil, coconut palm nectar, and other better-for-you items.

The fact of it is, I'm used to eating full-of-flavor, no-holds-barred, use-whatever-ingredients-are-necessary to achieve optimal taste-type foods. I don't think I'll ever convince my palate that the trio of 450 calorie paleo chicken enchiladas taste the same as the cheese-laden, made-with-lard ones I might get at the nearest Tex-Mex joint.

I can, however, appreciate the health benefits of both calorie and portion control, and the fact that it would be infinitely easier to let Snap Kitchen do it for me, rather than try to experiment with these things at home. They have an R & D kitchen dedicated to doing just that, after all. And this is where the 21-day challenge comes in.

When you enroll in the 21-day challenge, you not only get a discount over the individual packaged items, you also get a complimentary one-on-one consultation with a registered nutritionist. The nutritionist can help design a menu based on your dietary restrictions and health goals, and can also steer you in the direction of the best (which for me would be tastiest) dishes on on the menu. For convenience, they can be picked up at any of six different Houston locations.

By the evening's end, I wasn't ready to commit to the 21-day challenge, but I was willing to try three days' worth of food. There were some misses, (the gluten-free peanut butter pancakes sounded great, but were pretty tasteless), but I plowed through a breakfast burrito called "Panchito's Burritos" with gusto, felt gratifyingly detoxified after drinking half a bottle of Super Greens juice for a snack, and enjoyed a lunch (just 380 calories!) of turkey spaghetti bolognese over gluten-free brown rice spaghetti noodles.

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texmex01 topcommenter

You can make most of their dishes at home (pre-make them for the week) for a fraction of what they charge, that being said, Snap Kitchen is a great go to spot when you are short on time and maintaining a healthy diet (or trying to )....

Try the Bison Quinoa Hash, its the perfect balance of proteins/carbs!


I wonder how much the entire 21 day challenge will cost you?


if you really want to lose weight you are going to have to sacrifice some where, looks, taste, portion size etc.  good luck

Mai Pham
Mai Pham topcommenter

@texmex01  Thx for the tip, will definitely try the bison quinoa hash! 

Mai Pham
Mai Pham topcommenter

@slumpville  I called the local Snap Kitchen, and got the following info. For the 1200 calorie meals, the 21-day challenge works out to be about $575. The price will vary as you are paying for each individual meal that purchased. For the 1500 calorie plan, it works out to be approximately $700. Not bad for 21 days' worth of food and a nutritionist consult!

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