Salade Niçoise: The Perfect Hearty Meal When All You Want Is Salad

Photos by Kaitlin Steinberg
There's a lot of protein packed in this healthy salad.
My family and I spent a lot of time in France when I was a child, and though I was never a picky eater per se, seven-year-old me wasn't super-enthused about foie gras or bouillabaisse. I was, however, a fan of salad, and my parents and I immediately managed to discover one that was available at pretty much any corner bistro pretty much anywhere in Paris and many places beyond. Salade niçoise.

I couldn't tell you how many platters of salade niçoise I've eaten in my life; let's just go with a lot. The beauty of salade niçoise, though, is that it's hugely variable; almost no two iterations are the same. This makes it very difficult to tire of my favorite salad.

I previously wrote about salade niçoise for a Bastille Day recipe post back in July, but I wanted to revisit it now that I've figured out a sort of salade niçoise life hack in the form of Central Market. I recently got a craving for the dish, but with little time and already a grumbling in my stomach, I didn't want to spend an hour cooking the various elements to complete my salad. Yes, it's a little more expensive to buy pre-cooked and seasoned potatoes, but I was grabbing ingredients to bring to a friend's house and didn't want to trouble him for various pots and pans.

The salad ended up being perfect. Just what I'd been looking forward to all afternoon, and, when paired with a sparkling rosé from the Loire Valley, even better. In total, the ingredients cost about $35 and make about four servings of salad, with a few things (like olives) left over.

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del.martinis topcommenter

I make my own and it's ever so good! Along with garlic aioli and a crusty French banquette, glass of wine and life is good. 

del.martinis topcommenter

@KaitlinS @del.martinis  How about July 14, Monday, Bastille Day 2014?

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