Review: A Happy Accident Leads Saint Arnold To Create A Great New Summer Beer

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Photo courtesy Saint Arnold website
Look for 22-ounce bombers of Boiler Room in your local store.

The result is a sour, lemony beer that is low on ABV (3.7 percent) but high on refreshment. The sourness never comes close to being overpowering, and it quickly gives way to the crisp lemon flavor (with a hint of apples in the body). The beer finishes light and easily, not leaving a strong mouthfeel behind, unlike most sours.

Berliner Weisse isn't a particularly popular style, so we don't have much to compare the Boiler Room to, but as luck would have it I was able to sample some Charlie Foxtrot from Richmond's Texian Brewing later that day. The two don't really compare: the Texian is an Imperial Berliner Weisse, making it a much stronger beer (8% ABV), which allows for more complex flavors, but at the same time makes it a beer less suitable for light enjoyment. I quite liked it, for the record.

I don't know about you, but during the Houston summertime, I like a low-ABV, crisp and refreshing beer best served cold, preferably while sitting in a kiddie pool in my backyard. The Boiler Room is a beer that deservedly will be added to my list, among such classics as Abita Strawberry Ale, Shiner Ruby Redbird, and Saint Arnold's own Summer Pils. This isn't to say it can't be enjoyed at other times of year (it will be available year-round). It reminds me of nothing so much as a shandy, and for my money, that's decidedly a good thing.

Last note for beer lovers: Ambrose clued me in on what the next few releases in the Bishops Barrel series will be. Bishops Barrel 7 will see another release of the imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels, as Bishops Barrel 1 and 3 were. It will be followed by their Old Ale aged in red wine casks, and Bishops Barrel 9 will use the Divine Reserve 5, a strong Russian Imperial Stout, as its base beer. Something else for us to look forward to.

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has saint arnold reached passe status yet?

i think maybe it has

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