Pillsbury's Chocolatier Collection: Bake This

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Batter landscape is indeed chunky.

Well, with expectations so high, it's hardly surprising the Chocolatier Collection Chocolate Chunk Brownies were not crème de la crème. They were nevertheless pretty freakin' awesome and definitely superior to all other grocery store mix brownies I've made, including my heretofore favorite, Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate.

The batter of Pillsbury's Chocolatier Chocolate Chunk Brownies produces a thick semi-sweet chocolate base that by itself is enough to curl your hair in terms of richness. The real kicker, however, is the oversize pieces of milk chocolate that dot the brownie landscape. There are so many that your tongue is guaranteed to trip over a few no matter how modest a square you cut yourself.

But to heck with modesty -- the Chocolatier Collection is clearly designed for indulgence, so do as I did and enjoy a large rectangle and save your calories with some skim milk.

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The Brownie Bowl
The Brownie Bowl

chocolatier: the simple definition the maker or seller of chocolate. technically speaking, they sell products in which they add chocolate (that they didn't make).

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