Pillsbury's Chocolatier Collection: Bake This

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
It's a PREMIUM brownie mix.

They had me at chocolatier. I don't know what exactly this word means (and something tells me neither does Pillsbury), but I like to imagine it's the chocolate version of an atelier. The master artist of this cookshop is, of course, the Doughboy, who presides over various apprentices as they hone their baking skills. The best work that emerges from this workspace makes up the official collection, and I'm looking forward to getting to know each and every piece intimately, beginning with the "Chocolate Chunk."

How's that for a long-winded excuse to make super chocolatey brownies?

Although I'm usually suspicious of the adjective "premium" when applied to food and drink -- it tends to be a meaningless modifier - I suspended my doubt in favor of trying Pillsbury's newish baking mix and possibly making the best brownies I had ever tasted.

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The Brownie Bowl
The Brownie Bowl

chocolatier: the simple definition the maker or seller of chocolate. technically speaking, they sell products in which they add chocolate (that they didn't make).

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