Petite Snacks at Bite Macarons

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Rainbow of flavors at Bite Macaron

When I walked into Bite Macarons, I felt immediately transported to Tokyo...wait, that's not right. The macaron, English shorthand for the macaron parisien or le macaron Gerbet, is of French origins. And the talented owner and executive chef behind Bite Macarons, Sandia Horng, is Taiwanese.

So what was with my misplaced nostalgia for Japan?

In part it was due to the patisserie's fluorescent lighting, immaculate white interior, and pristine bakery cases violently punctuated by bright stripes of color from the stacked macarons. Such range of color combined with extreme cleanliness is something I particularly associate with Narita International and Japanese megamalls.

Once I recovered from this psychic disorientation, I was faced with selecting just a few of these treats to take home with me. Bite Macarons isn't Shipley's Donuts; each macaron is $2.25, which means buying a full assortment isn't exactly cheap.

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Bite Macarons

5172 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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