Got Corned Beef? Here Are 5 Delicious Ways to Use the Leftovers

Photo by Edsel Little
This is pretty much the reason we make corned beef on Saint Patrick's Day.
One of the best things about St. Patty's Day -- besides the green beer, Irish soda bread, and pistachio cake that you convinced yourself was an acceptable breakfast -- is most definitely corned beef and cabbage. Though it's about as Irish as spaghetti, the dish has become a Saint Patrick's Day tradition in America.

It all started when Irish-Americans tasted corned beef at Jewish delis in New York City. Finding the cured beef similar in taste to Irish bacon, the poor immigrants realized it was a much cheaper alternative to the pork dishes favored in their homeland. Cabbage and potatoes were added and cooked in the same pot to make the hearty meal go a long way.

While we loved chowing down on corned beef and cabbage yesterday, we love today's leftovers even more. That's because they are so easy to transform.

Here are five great ways to use your leftover corned beef:

Corned Beef Hash

This one's a no-brainer. Made with leftover corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, hash makes the perfect next-day breakfast, or even dinner for that matter. Simply dice it all up along with some garlic and onion, then fry it 'til crisp and top it with a couple of poached or fried eggs. Pro tip: Don't forget to serve it with toast so you can sop up all of the juices.

Corned Beef & Cabbage Soup

Leftovers go a long way in this hearty cabbage soup. Filled with hunks of tender corned beef, bright leeks, and plenty of veggies, it makes a perfectly light and healthy next-day meal.

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Corned beef hash is better than the first day corned beef.  So just go straight from the pressure cooker to the frying pan.

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