Ladybird Food Truck's Globally Inspired Fare Shines

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
A spicy Hill Country sausage makes Ladybird's kimchi dog sing.
It took me way too long to stop by the burnt-orange school bus that is Ladybird Food Truck (they've been hitting the streets since 2011). Now that I've gotten a taste of what they have to offer, I know it won't take me so long to go back.

Last Saturday, my fiancé and I were strolling around Montrose, trying to figure out what to eat when we spotted the truck parked outside of Inversion Coffee House. One look at the menu of globally inspired comfort food and we were quickly staking out tables for lunch.

We ordered the Yardbird ($7.25) -- a fried chicken sandwich topped with mayo, Swiss cheese, sweet pickles and a schmaltz jam; and the Kimchi Dog ($8.00) -- a Hill Country sausage sandwich smothered with kimchi and jack cheese. Two Inversion lemonades and ten minutes later, our food was ready.

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
The truck focuses on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, like halal chicken breast.
I tried the Yardbird first, and fell instantly in love with the thinly battered chicken breast that was the base of the flavor-packed sandwich. It came crisp and tender inside of a butter-brushed, just-griddled bun, the bottom of which had a rich slathering of ultra-creamy Kewpie mayo (the Japanese condiment made with rice vinegar is thicker than your average Hellmann's). Slightly bitter and unctuous schmaltz (that's rendered chicken fat) jam, a thick slice of barely melted Swiss and a few sweet bread-and-butter pickle chips finished off the sandwich.

All in all, it was a solid sandwich that I'd get again, but that's only if the Texas-size Kimchi Dog wasn't on the menu that day.

Enveloped by a crisp, crackling-like casing, the plump and peppery Hill Country sausage spouted bursts of juice with each bite -- juice that the sweet and doughy bun managed to sop up just beautifully. And as if the spicy sausage didn't have enough flavor on its own, chopped chives, sesame seeds and a fiery mayonnaise were scattered across the top, offering freshness, crunch and heat. A tangy, almost-jam-like kimchi made a vinegar-spiked bed for the sausage along with melted pepper jack cheese. Given everything that was going on with the hot dog already, the cheese was probably unnecessary, but it didn't hurt matters, either.

If you haven't tried Ladybird's inventive food yet, I suggest you do so. The truck pops all around town, so check out their website or follow them on Twitter (@LadybirdHTX) to see where they will be windows-up next.

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Ladybird Food Truck

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