Evening Picnic Fare at Funky Chicken

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Crispy Chicken

Wednesday: freezing; Thursday: warm and sunny; Friday: raining. The weather's certainly been funky these past weeks, and as a result, one day I'm craving hot soups and pot pies, and the next, salads and watermelon. No matter what the temperature, however, fried chicken always sounds appealing.

Why is that? Eh, I'll let the scientists figure it out.

On one of the warmer afternoons this past week, I had fantasies of picking up some fried chicken and sides and holding an impromptu supper picnic for me and my husband. I was semi-successful, as my better half ended up staying at the office until 2:30 a.m. to work on an anti-trust suit (yay, corporate law). So much for a romantic picnic.

But all was not lost, for winner winner, I got my chicken dinner at Funky Chicken.

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Funky Chicken

181 Height Blvd, Houston, TX

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great minds, i just had this on sunday and got the same thing. 

WestSideBob topcommenter

I read the semi-glowing reviews accompaning Funky's opening.  I stopped by in January and went for the pot pie.  I think I found four smallish pieces of chicken in the pie.  Kroger's pie does better than that and tastes about the same.

Sorry, Funky.  It might have been an off day for you, but it was the day I decided to try y'all out.

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