BK Rodeo Burger Chicken Sandwich: A One-Dollar Disappointment (But Still Not Half-Bad)

Categories: Fast Times

Photos by Christina Uticone
Do I really have to write a "Where's the beef?!" caption?
I don't expect much from a dollar-menu sandwich. I just need it to taste good, and hopefully, be the actual sandwich that I ordered. For the eleventy billionth time, my fast-food order has been dead wrong. (This happens regularly, regardless of company, whether I order inside or use the drive-thru.) In this particular case I'm not surprised, as the sound quality of the drive-thru microphone at the Burger King on Kirby is comically bad -- I couldn't understood a word from the person who took my order, so this seems to be a two-way malfunction.

So I ordered the Rodeo Burger, thinking, "Hey, it's almost Rodeo here in Houston -- good timing for a rodeo-inspired promotion!" And at the end, I ended up thinking, "Man. I wish I had just eaten a Rodeo BURGER."

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