Battle Refrigerated Biscuit Dough: Pillsbury vs. Store Brand

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Who Is Flakier????

Whose refrigerated biscuit dough brings all the boys to the yard?

This intrepid food journalist decided to find out by conducting a comprehensive evaluation taste-testing of two brands side by side. The contenders: Pillsbury and H-E-B store brand "Hill Country Fare."

Okay, a little more background. Although I prefer making biscuits from scratch, I knew I would not have time later this week to make a carbohydrate companion to my hearty Irish stew (see upcoming post) all in one afternoon, so in preparation I decided to consider my pre-made refrigerated-dough options.

Readers of this blog may have noticed I have given favorable reviews to Pillsbury products and thus may be unfairly biased.

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Hard to distinguish between Pillsbury and Generic by sight...

To them, I simply say, "Never fear. I have no problem sticking it to the Dough Boy if he deserves it."

And, of course, same goes for, um, whomever Hill Country Fare uses as a mascot.

Cooking instructions for both biscuit brands were very similar, but I nevertheless baked them separately just in case results might be skewed by aroma cross-contamination in the oven (biscuits were replated for the photo above).

The Pillsbury biscuit was lighter, flakier, with a milder white-flour flavor. Although the label claims buttermilk was somehow involved in the recipe, I missed any discernible slightly sour notes.

The Hill Country Fare biscuit was denser and the interior was saltier. I would shy away from using this biscuit to sop up an equally savory sauce, but would be happy to consume it on its own or with something comparatively lighter, such as a vegetable-based soup.

For my St. Paddy's Day stew, I'll go with the Pillsbury biscuit, which won't overwhelm the main course, and, I think, liven it up a bit with some sausage juices.

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Among the USPs of the company, apart from a wide range, the most prominent are its dedicated focus on the quality of its products and its appreciation for the contribution of the employees.


I prefer the frozen biscuits, I think they taste much better, more homemade. They don't come in the weird layers though!

Bruce_Are topcommenter


According to their website, Pillsbury Grands have 0g of trans fat. This might be a recent change.


@Elizabeth  I do think frozen might be better - the butter has a chance to congeal into small partials and not dissolve into the dough. Those pockets of butter fat are ultimately what makes for a superior layer.


Partially hydrogenated anything in the ingredients is trans fat. Labeling rules let any amount less than 0.5 grams per serving be listed as 0 grams in the chart. Trans fats build up over time, so even small amounts count. FDA is phasing them out of the food supply, so yeah, don't eat the biscuits

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