An Irish Cocktail With the Taste of Texas

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This drink isn't just for St. Patrick's Day.

One time I drank a green beer on St. Patrick's Day. Just one time, because the following year my friends and I developed the taste for Guinness Stout, which has a proper Irish look without the food dye.

That didn't last forever, as I eventually gave up beer and made the switch to spirits, for St. Pat's and any other day. It might seem to be congenital, as my Irish-immigrant grandfather William drank Irish whiskey, but my father preferred Scotch, and I took best to tequila and rum. Not until a few years ago did I buy a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey, ostensibly for Irish coffee.

It's easy to see why the whiskey is popular: Jameson has a faint smoky sweetness, a lively burn, and it's uncomplicated. On the flip side, that simplicity prevents Jameson from being much of a cocktail spirit, beyond the mixing of club soda, ginger ale or coffee.

The green bottle languished at the back of the bar for months. Then, during a visit to Central Market, I tasted a sample of Q Ginger Ale. It's a premium ginger ale, with not much sweetness, a good cayenne burn, and the added complexity of cardamom and coriander. It was a little too astringent to my taste.

Never Turn Down a Free Sample

The woman pouring the samples said she mixed Q Ginger Ale with Jameson Irish Whiskey. I was in the process of looking for the best combination of whiskey and ginger ale, so I bought a four-pack.

The lady was so very right. Out of the combinations of bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, Jameson and ten different ginger ales, the Jameson and Q Ginger Ale came out on top. When they're mixed together, the pleasant burn of the whiskey blends with the spices in the ginger ale in a special bit of alchemy. Still, there was that astringency, which needed some kind of citrus acid to cut it.

Lemon and lime juice failed, but I remembered my friend Joseph Conrad, who had toured the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin. Much to his surprise, he'd been served Jameson with soda and a slice of grapefruit.

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erichenao topcommenter

While I think your recipe here is very delightful and Texan to the hilt, let me suggest another Irish whiskey cocktail for the "season". And while Jameson is the most popular, try out some Tullamore Dew.


2 oz Irish Whiskey

.75 oz Lillet Blanc

.5 oz Cointreau or other triple sec (I use Royal Combier)

2 dashes of Orange Bitters

Combine all ingredients over ice in a pint glass and stir thoroughly to combine. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with an orange twist.

Got it from here:

Big ups to @Drinkshots who rocks it nightly!

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