Will You Be My Valentine, Houston? 10 Reasons to Fall in Love With the City's Food Scene

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I love you, Houston.
Yes, yes, we've all bitched at some time in our lives that Valentine's Day is an arbitrary holiday created by greeting card companies to make money while simultaneously forcing single people to re-examine their sorry existences, and because of this, we've all become huge grouches. Until, that is, we actually do have someone to share the holiday with. Then it's totally a worthwhile endeavor.

The thing is, I don't think you need an actual person to get you giddy about love on Valentine's Day. This year, I'm declaring my love for something else. I'm declaring my love for Houston.

I moved here about seven months ago, and in that time I've totally fallen in love with this city. I honestly didn't expect to enjoy Houston as much as I have, but the food, more than anything, has won me over. This year, I'm thrilled to have Houston as my Valentine.

Here's why.

Photo by Francisco Montes
Bernie's Burger Bus is one of many outstanding food truck in the city.
10. Food trucks
Though there are seemingly endless arguments between Houston food truck owners and Houston lawmakers regarding where and when and how close and for how long food trucks can park, there's no denying that our restaurants on wheels are thriving. A number of food trucks including Good Dog Houston, Eatsie Boys and Bernie's Burger Bus have gone brick and mortar, while some restaurants have started rolling out food trucks as a separate business venture. And the best part is you can now get just about any kind of food you crave from a truck: sweets, salads, Korean food, Cajun food, tacos, pizza and everything in between.

Photo courtesy Masterchef
Christine Ha and Alvin Schultz are both Houstonian reality TV stars.
9. Celebrity Chefs
Monica Pope was on "Top Chef Masters," while Rebecca Masson was on "Top Chef: Just Desserts." Christine Ha, Alvin Schultz and James Nelson were all on "Masterchef" (Ha won), and Bryan Caswell competed on "The Next Iron Chef." And then there are all of our James Beard winners and nominees, among them Hugo Ortega, Chris Shepherd and Justin Yu. Thanks to these folks, Houston's getting a lot of national attention.

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Eatsie Boys

4100 Montrose Blvd., Houston, TX

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Good Dog Houston

903 Studewood St., Houston, TX

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Bernie's Burger Bus

, Houston, TX

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25 years ago (and maybe even 10 years ago), this city did indeed, suck! But now, with the food and craft beer renaissance, and the general influx of awesomeness inside the loop, it feels like Houston is becoming a real city.

erichenao topcommenter

Spot on. Great job!

Melissa Reyna
Melissa Reyna

Christine Ha - MasterChef 3 made it on this list :)


Hope to see sweets (like brownies and ice cream) make it to the Best of Houston list soon?

KaitlinS topcommenter

@thebrowniebowl  There have already been lots of sweets on the list, but yes, there will be more. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, so I'm always having to remind myself not to write about ice cream too much!

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