Top 5 Dishes to Order at Ninfa's on Navigation BESIDES the Fajitas

Photo courtesy of Geralyn Graham.

2. Queso Flameado. As any good Houstonian knows, queso flameado is a staple of Tex-Mex cuisine and can be found at just about any enchilada-taco-fajita joint. But I'm going on record to say that the ABSOLUTE BEST version can be found at Ninfa's, where your server will prepare tortilla packages of molten cheese and chorizo tableside. I always get the queso flameado as a starter, though someday I plan to order two servings for an entrée.

1. Beef Tacos Al Carbon. Although Mama Ninfa is best known for her fajitas, she also arguably made her mark on the Houston food scene by popularizing tacos al carbon, oversize grilled flour tortillas stuffed with marinated meat and vegetables and served with pico de gallo, guacamole, beans and queso. No offense to fowl fans; I just think the beef is superior.

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The Original Ninfa's On Navigation

2704 Navigation, Houston, TX

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I love the tacos al carbon and also think they are really fajitas. Whatever! They are good! 


PORK TAMALES. Trust me, they will be the best you've ever had. I'm also a big fan of their enchiladas verdes. Honestly, you can't go wrong there.

johnnybench topcommenter

What is the difference between the tacos al carbon and fajitas?  Aren't tacos al carbon just two fajita tacos rather than ordering by the pound?

Kylejack topcommenter

Hm, missing ceviche. Ceviche, queso with tortillas, and fajitas are the triumvirate.


Yo! Chica! It's cochinita, not cochonita. Cochonita is a sparrow's penis I believe.

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