The Sweet Side of Local Foods

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Sweets Display at Local Foods

If you go to Local Foods, you're likely to gravitate toward the terrific truffled egg salad or the crunchy chicken sandwich or the Tuscan kale with pine nuts and sultanas. Local Foods is famous for these and other items, and for good reason (fresh ingredients, consistent quality). Today, however, I'm here to make a plea for the restaurant's other, oft-overlooked offerings: the sweets.

"Overlooked" perhaps isn't quite the right word, given that these baked goods are impossible not to see given their prominent position right by the cash register. "Ignored" is a better description. I understand, though, why the average Local Foods patron is perhaps quick to dismiss these sumptuous homemade brownies, bars, cookies and cupcakes.

Indulgent desserts at first seem incongruous with the restaurant's whole-food, healthful essence. Why should you follow up that spritely arugula salad with shrimp and wheat berries, or your vegan chili, with a serving of empty carbohydrates?

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