The Modular Food Truck Is Back, Better than Ever

Photo courtesy The Modular Unit
With a new paint job and a menu full of hits, this restaurant on wheels is really going places.
Though incredibly popular and well received by critics, The Modular food truck (actually a trailer) had a surprisingly short run. It opened in 2011, helmed by Joshua Martinez and Lyle Bento. At the time, Martinez was fresh off a stint as general manager of Kata Robata, and Bento was an up-and-coming chef who'd recently left Feast. Bento eventually moved to Underbelly, and Martinez made the slow transition from food-truck owner to restaurant owner when he opened Goro & Gun in early 2013. The move was gradual, with the truck still coming out to play at events every now and then, though Martinez was focusing most of his attention on Goro & Gun. Then one day The Modular returned to the commissary, where it remained for far longer than anyone would have liked.

Now that Goro & Gun is thriving, Martinez doesn't need to be there as frequently, so he's brought The Modular back to life, along with help from Mark Parmley and a motley crew of guest chefs. The trailer, which was previously referred to as the "Tin Can" due to some unfortunate metal siding, has been replaced with a truck that's been completely revamped and now features a bright new paint job by Houston graffiti artist Daniel Anguilu. And it's now called the "Goro & Gun Modular Unit," since it incorporates menu items from both eateries.

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
The menu will change frequently, but that lobster risotto isn't going anywhere.
It's a vibrant addition to Houston roads and food parks, and the food, so enticing and unusual it was once featured on the Cooking Channel's TV show Eat St., is as wonderful as ever, too. A few old favorites are back (lobster risotto, anyone?), and a few new inventions are sure to keep Houstonians on the hook.

And in March the food truck will be serving more than just Houston.

Martinez has told us that The Modular has been invited to serve the South by Southwest music festival as one of the trucks curated by Austin celebrity chef Paul Qui. The Modular will be in Austin for a few weeks serving up lobster risotto, General Tso sweetbreads and Goro & Gun's famous Hustle Sprouts to crowds of hungry music fans.

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anyone know where the Modular will be tonight??


A friend booked the Modular for a party and they no-showed. Wouldn't return her calls either. Not very good business practices.

timblack2 topcommenter

Oh sweetie... "Better than ever?" How would you know? Did you eat there before?

del.martinis topcommenter

Still haven't seen that episode of Eat Street when they came to Houston and filmed The Modular. 

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