Recipe of the Week: Flourless Chocolate Cake

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Gluten-free or not, everybody wins with this decadent delight.
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This week (just in time for Valentine's Day), we're bringing you the king of all chocolate desserts, the flourless chocolate cake.

The timeless dessert is just what it sounds like -- chocolate cake without flour. Instead, an aerated chocolate custard is made by combining melted chocolate and separated eggs that are beaten until fluffy. The cake's structure is stabilized by heating the starch naturally present in chocolate. Without the addition of flour, you get a much denser, moist and fudgy cake with deeply rich chocolate flavor. The result is nothing short of decadence.

A popular restaurant dessert, the cake has been mastered worldwide. In Italy, it's called torta caprese, after the island of Capri on which it originates. Walnuts or almonds are added to give the cake a hint of nuttiness and texture.

Today, however, we're sharing a recipe for the classic version. This easy-to-follow recipe from domestic goddess Martha Stewart yields a luscious cake that is absolutely perfect for lovers of chocolat.

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Chocolate Cherry Brownies perfect for Valentine's Day or whenever you want to make a gooey, chocolate treat for yourself or the ones you love.

-Rocky Barragan

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