La Fresca Pizza: Please Become a Chain

Photos by John Kiely
The temptation was almost too much.

"Why don't you just get the pizza delivered?" my son asked, "Is this about not being lazy?" I assured him that pizza delivery was merely a convenience for busy people and there was a different reason to pick up a carry-out pizza. Still, I was glad to hear his Confucian work ethic coming out.

"No, the point of picking up a pizza is to have a tantalizing aroma in the car for ten minutes to drive you crazy, before you get a chance to eat it." I said. "What's tantalizing mean?" was the not-surprising reply.

We were on our way to La Fresca Pizza, a small carryout-and-delivery pizza joint in Meyerland's Braeswood Square. I'd ignored the place for months, because the exterior features cheap-looking graphics and advertises a $7.99 large-pizza offer, as if it is trying to rival Little Caesars. Worse, the slogan is "Always Fresh," which makes La Fresca sound as if it's competing with frozen pizza.

Nevertheless, a little pizza bird told me that La Fresca has perhaps the best thin-crust pizza in the area. But I was with my son, who likes a breadier crust, and small kid-size slices. That was fine with me for reviewing purposes, as nothing reveals pizza flaws better than a small pizza.

I asked the man at the counter if La Fresca was a national chain, and he said no, it was a family operation, and that everything was made fresh in-store. I asked him what La Fresca was known for, and he said the Combination was very popular.

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I took the advice of the reviewer and picked up a pizza from La Fresca today.  I ordered a medium, whole wheat crust, veggie pizza with some additional instructions:  add spinach and red peppers and use less cheese than normal.  It was ready in less than 15 minutes and they accidentally made a large pizza of which they didn't charge me.  I loved it!  The veggies were larger and more plentiful/fresher than other chain pizza joints.  La Fresca will be my go-to pizza shop for great to-go pizza pie!  (Btw, they deliver but it is nice to have that aroma in anticipation of a good slice.)


Green bell pepper ought to be banned as a vegetable; and this pizza is overloaded, an example of the 'kitchen sink' school that I'm not fond of.

Bruce_Are topcommenter

The bell peppers appear to be raw, sitting on top and the pizza seems undercooked in the center (the cheese is white, barely melted).  Also, is that a picture of a large pizza?  It doesn't look large.


Awesome Pizza!! Real Cheese... Real ingredients... Fresh!


Love the place. Best pizza in Houston in my opinion 

johnnybench topcommenter

Our go-to neighborhood pizza place!  Try the meatball sub - it's surprisingly good as well.  


The pizza is a small, for the reason mentioned in the post, the cheese was melted perfectly, the green pepper was cooked just right to give it that fresh taste.

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