First Look at LA Crawfish's New Location, Now Open in Greenway

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
The crawfish are available in garlic butter (shown here), Cajun-style, or chile-lime.
When I visited on a recent Saturday, a fair number of diners were eating piles of mudbugs, despite it being early in the season. I planned to join them...

My dining companion and I ordered a couple of pounds of the garlic butter variety (at $6.99/lb) and tacked on a bowl of brisket pho ($5.99/bowl). Once we paid, we were handed a plastic tablecloth that we used to secure a table while we grabbed our drinks. Right next to the soda fountain and complimentary water jug is the condiment station, complete with a mix of spices, mayonnaise, garlic and a hot-butter dispenser. I grabbed a tub or two of seasonings and a bit of butter -- just in case.

When our bag of crawfish and sink-size bowl of pho appeared minutes later, it took just one look at the mudbugs to realize I wouldn't need additional butter. We settled into our seats and alternated between mouthfuls of succulent crawfish tails studded with bits of fresh garlic (do yourself a favor and suck the heads here); spoonfuls of briny and musky, clove-and-anise-scented broth; and bites of tender brisket and soft, supple noodles.

We didn't save room for the beignet fries (or the crab legs and five-spice wings, for that matter), but that's all the reason to go back.

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LA Crawfish

3957 Richmond, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant


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Outstanding restaurant terrible location.  Zero parking at lunch

texmex01 topcommenter

The Crawfish Pho is pretty amazing there!


When is this crawfish season you write of?


@kelsey  end of feb through junish, bigger crawfish when it gets a bit warmer

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