First Look at LA Crawfish's New Location, Now Open in Greenway

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
The funky decor and fantastic menu remain from the restaurant's original outpost.
Popular Vietnamese-and-crawfish spot LA Crawfish has expanded its empire inside the Loop with its newest location, on Richmond. Taking over the old Kobecue spot in the Greenway Shopping Center, the franchise location, which opened just last month, is serving the same bags of buttery, garlic-loaded crawfish along with intoxicating bowls of pho, chicken wings and the house favorite, beignet fries.

Gone are the long, family-style picnic tables and cramped eating area in the middle of a food court, replaced instead by an open dining room with much more seating -- four-top tables and chairs can be moved to accommodate groups of various sizes.

The welcoming space is filled with funky seaside decor and colored lights that are plastered along walls, while a bright menu greets you at the counter. But perhaps even more welcoming is the restaurant's BYOB policy, which (thankfully) has also carried over from the original location. There really is nothing like a cold beer and piping-hot crawfish.

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Location Info

LA Crawfish

3957 Richmond, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Outstanding restaurant terrible location.  Zero parking at lunch

texmex01 topcommenter

The Crawfish Pho is pretty amazing there!


When is this crawfish season you write of?


@kelsey  end of feb through junish, bigger crawfish when it gets a bit warmer

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