First Look: Drexel House Is Working Out the Kinks

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Photos by Carla Soriano
Drexel House, recently opened in Highland Village, is super-small and modern in style.

At first look, I wondered if we'd mistakenly walked into a frozen yogurt place. Similar to the ubiquitous "froyo" spots, Drexel House, recently opened in Highland Village, was super-small, modern in style, and had no real decoration apart from its lighting fixtures and a chalkboard wall listing its menu. Steel tables and white chairs further emphasized an atmosphere that seems appropriate for a quick in-and-out. Perhaps it's what they were going for -- patrons shopping at Highland Village, then dropping by Drexel House for a quick bite.

Two steps away from the front door stood the hostess. She welcomed us and sat us at our table, a mere two further steps away. You could probably circle the inside in 15 steps -- nothing wrong with that. But the closeness of the tables was a bit uncomfortable. Let's just say we could have eavesdropped on our neighboring table's conversation to our heart's content. We didn't.

Instead, we focused our attention on the menu: "Eatery and Wine Bar" was printed below the logo, with appetizers, pizza, charcuterie, small plates and dessert filling up the rest of the page. During lunchtime, sandwiches and paninis are offered. Breakfast time brings pancakes, bagels, yogurt and such to the table.

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Drexel House

3974 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX

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lol, it WAS a frozen yogurt place, name of tasti d lite.

sounds like drexel house is equally uninspired.



My Table, a local magazine for the old and infirm, has an exulted Caesar Salad competition every year I will have you know.

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