City Hall Farmers' Market Returns on Wednesday With Celebrity Cooking Demonstration

Photo by Katharine Shilcutt
Eatsie Boys' Matt Marcus makes hot dogs at the City Hall Farmers' Market.

Along with vendors like Saint Arnold serving samples of root beer and beer and Eatsie Boys selling their delicious food (Frank the Pretzel, anyone?), Zydeco Dot will provide the tunes throughout the morning and afternoon.

Churrasco To-Go will serve a variety of meats and seafood, such as pork, lamb, shrimp and beef. Horne explains that this vendor cooks everything on Rodizio skewers; expect some super-tender, juicy Brazilian meat.

"We have a pretty good round-out offering," Horne says. "We've got fresh cheese; we've got a guy that does just salads and smoothies; we've got Mexican food. Grilled fish! That's a new thing. Airline Seafood is going to bring out a plancha and do grilled fish. It's real simple grilled fish with salt, pepper and lime. That's all you need."

Local baker Chad Fry's new business, Wood Burn, was set to sell wood-fired pizzas on Wednesday, but will be delayed for approximately one month.

"In the baking world, he has the Holy Grail of skill sets, like he can do traditional pastries, he can do baked bread," Horne says. "He has already opened a company -- it's called Wood Burn -- and he is using a wood-fired oven to cook all of his breads. He is selling mostly to Revival [Market] right now, but he was supposed to come out and have things open for opening day, but his mobile oven broke."

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
Monique Mickley and Angela Rowley of Blackbird Foods will be back at the City Hall Farmers' Market selling their Cajun meat pies.

Along with all of these prepared-food vendors, the City Hall Farmers' Market will also feature a few farms selling produce.

"It's really hard for us to retain farmers. They just don't do all that well because people are there on their lunch break; they aren't thinking about bringing back a big thing of cabbage back to the office with them," Horne says. "We have had some amazing farms come through, but keeping them season to season has been a challenge, so we have Atkinson Farm there and Swede Family Dairy; they sell goat cheese and kefir and yogurt. And hopefully -- and this is just because it's cold -- we will have some of our seasonal tomato people out during the season."

The following Wednesday, February 26, the market will challenge Houstonians to eat 30 different vegetables in 30 days during the Recipe for Success's VegOut! Challenge. Head to the market at 11 a.m. to register for the monthlong challenge and watch several local chefs demonstrate how to make a variety of dishes.

Bring the kids to the market on March 19 for Rodeo Day. Vendors will have baby farm animals, such as pigs and goats. Horne says there's a possibility a Longhorn will be on site. And in true rodeo fashion, the market will bring in a real rodeo clown.

The City Hall Farmers' Market is open from 11 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. every Wednesday for the spring season at 901 Bagby.

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