Breakfast Tacos at Tierra Caliente

Photo by Nicholas L. Hall
Nature's cure for apathy
Familiarity breeds contempt, and proximity to tacos breeds apathy. Or so goes my reasoning for why we don't frequent Tacos Tierra Caliente more, well, frequently. "It's right around the corner; we can go there anytime we want," I would reason. Truth be told, the fact that I rarely carry cash has a lot to do with it.

When we do get around to it, we both wonder why it's been so long. My wife, in particular, makes New Year's Resolution-esque declarations with every fajita con todo, only to see the resolution abandoned every time we drive by cashless. "We really should get tacos more often," we always say.

Since my schedule changed, I've found myself home during the day an awful lot, which means lunch for my wife and me. We've tried to make a habit of going somewhere once a week when I'm off, but instead have trended toward a habit of crawling back into bed after dropping the kids off at school. A three hour mid-day nap is a luxurious mistake, frequently resulting in missed lunches and (arguably) wasted days off.

Thursdays are a built-in exception to this rule. Thursdays are violin days, which means that I'm up at the school long enough to be fully awake by the time I head home, much less likely to burrow back into blissful unconsciousness. Last Thursday, fully awake and flush with cash (about $10, which goes a long way in tacos), I remembered.

As I approached the truck, I heard a lively discussion about breakfast tacos. At about the same time, I saw the sign: New Breakfast Menu. My heart skipped a beat. When I'd decided on Tierra Caliente, I'd had breakfast tacos on the brain. I hadn't expected to scratch that specific itch.

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Bruce_Are topcommenter

You need to find a place that makes corn tortillas, like Taqueria La Favorita or Taqueria La Catarina. Corn tortillas taste better (in my opinion) and are healthier.


Puts the fancy-pants food trucks to shame


I'm bi-partisan when it comes to tortillas, and love both flour and corn. Generally, I prefer a pillowy flour tortilla for breakfast tacos, and the more austere corn for tacos sans egg.

Thanks for the recommendations, though. I'll check those out.


Apples/Oranges, but I tend to agree that a really well made taco trumps most other food I've had off of trucks, fancy or not.

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